What we are About:

We are a family oriented Run-What-You-Brung motorcycle riding club based in Houston, Texas. We have an eclectic group of riders, and all with various makes and models to ride on. We feel it is not important WHAT you ride, or even where, but THAT you ride, and that you like enjoy friends riding together! We have group rides just about every month, and spur of the moment rides to nowhere in particular. We travel near, we travel far, but most of all, we travel, and have a good time!

...and eat. Oh yes, indeed, we eat good. :) Hence the motto:

Live to Ride, Ride to Eat!

We hope to see ya at one of the rides or meetings!

The April All Fools Rally is coming Soon(tm)!

April 5th through 7th, 2013.
That's Friday through Sunday, of course.

The flyer, info, and maps are here:
2013 All Fools Rally Flyer!
(This is a PDF file, and it'll 'pop' to a new window, or you can right click and save it.)

If you are coming, please fill out and send the information at the bottom of the first page as directed.
Hope to see ya there, all are welcome!

Please visit our Yahoo Group! Day to day updates will happen there.

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In The Beginning...

Chapter History

In 1984, Chuck Steele had called all known Venture owners in the area and arranged a meeting. On November 17, a group of 19 people met at a small park in South Houston and Venture Touring Society Texas Chapter 1 was born.

Tommy Gardner (VTS #00753) was appointed the first President, Gerri Ray (VTS #1006-01) Secretary, and Barbara Watson (VTS #01479) Treasurer.

All area Yamaha Dealers had also been invited, but only Ron Sussman, chief motorcycle mechanic for Texas Yamaha, would attend the meet. Ron gave a talk on the care and feeding of the Venture and answered many questions from the new members. He also performed some minor service work on several Ventures. This was the beginning of our fine relationship with Texas Yamaha who has supported us in every way possible over the years.

Since that time, the group has grown in activites and friendships. While we will ride at any time for any reason to anywhere, we also have an annual All Fools Rally the first weekend of April in Bellville, Texas, and attend the annual Texas Gathering, second weekend in October, in Kerrville, among many many other rallys, rides, and get togethers, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon!